Preacher David Tomberlin has Multiple ‘Wives,’ Children in Thailand – Arrest Warrant Issued

36587361_10160567903940634_2183801908634845184_oAugust 2018

A plethora of news reports verify that preacher David Tomberlin, 45, has collected multiple “wives,” scattering children with several women throughout Southeast Asia while carrying on an international Christian ministry. Furthermore, in 2017, an arrest warrant for Tomberlin was issued in Pattaya, Thailand (literally known as “sex capital of the world” for its prostitution trade), where his newest and youngest wife (reports vary, but some say age 20, pictured wearing braces) was arrested for kidnapping his children from two of his other partners.

As of the August 2018, the story is only now breaking outside Southeast Asia. In a cringy, 20-minute “defense” video, awkwardly attempting humor, Tomberlin doesn’t mention one concrete detail about the case (“shoo away, nothing to see here”), lending little credibility to the proven philanderer in the eyes of many viewers (video below).


In his response video, Tomberlin minimizes the kidnapping charges – only referring to a “custody” issue, and refrains from any mention to his church flock of juggling multiple Thai “wives.” He does not address news agency text evidence that he engaged in rampant prostitution as well, all while conducting Christian ministry. Tomberlin spends the bulk of the video attacking the motives and theology of ministers who uncovered his behavior to the American church. Online commenters have mostly viewed this as “gaslighting,” as Tomberlin manipulatively attacks his accusers and their families while simultaneously playing the victim and avoiding any facts about his case. Most viewers were not convinced by his “fast talking,” and say he also intentionally misrepresents the views of his “opponents,” all in an effort to question their motives and spin facts as “fake news” contrived by theological adversaries.

It is unclear whether Tomberlin has gotten the kidnapping charges dropped over the past year, or settled with the women and authorities out of court. He had returned to Thailand by the time he made the video response.


Sources say Tomberlin has worked feverishly behind the scenes, threatening litigation to multiple Thai web sites to squelch English versions of the story with the strength of an intimidating American attorney “who gets 35 percent.” This effort to protect his ministry reputation was not ultimately successful. However it did take an entire year for the scandal to just now surface in American and Australian church networks since it was first reported in Pattaya. It is unclear how many churches currently listed on Tomberlin’s speaking calendar have even heard the news.

Tomberlin’s “defense” video shows him appearing to glance at what may be a prepared statement behind the camera. He does vaguely reference an incident “from 10 years ago.” This likely refers to his divorce from then wife Alice, of Hong Kong, who pre-dated all the other Thai women and alleged prostitutes. However, Tomberlin may have been referencing his known affair with a popular, married Christian worship leader from the same time frame. All of these incidents began almost immediately after the widely televised Lakeland Revival in 2008, in which Tomberlin was the “announcement guy” under evangelist Todd Bentley.

Tomberlin is founder of David Tomberlin Ministries at

More information, photos and reports are listed are listed below:

May 2017 News Report:

“Pattaya Provincial Court have issued an arrest warrant for an American bible basher who allegedly ordered his current “wife” to kidnap his three children from two former disciples.

David Tomberlin, originally from Texas, has been spreading more than the word of God as he traveled around Thailand with three children and three “wives” in just six years of being a missionary in the country.

The only missionary work Tomberlin seems to have been doing is in the missionary position.

Arrest Warrant Issued For American Bible Basher

His current partner, Kedsaree Weeranakin, 27, was arrested on Thursday hiding out in Hua Hin with his three children from two previous “marriages”, two aged six, and one only 20 months old.

The three children were reunited with their mothers the following day having been separated for three months.

Mind you, despite saying they were delighted to see their wee ones again, they were soon heading north to Chiang Mai to be dropped off with their grandparents who’d be caring for them while their mothers returned to work in Pattaya.

It was reported Kedsaree took the children from homes in Payao and Sisaket on the orders of Tomberlin before returning to Pattaya with them to live together as a family.

The mothers of the children reported their location to Pattaya police but before they could act all five fled to hideout in Hua Hin.

Tomberlin obviously got a message from the man above as he fled not only Hua Hin but Thailand too and it’s believed he is currently in Vietnam where he has apparently promised Kedsaree he’d be by her side and help with her legal troubles.

She has since been charged with kidnapping children under the age of 15 having admitted to taking the children without their mothers consent, although she did add Tomberlin assured her he had legal custody.

Kedsaree now faces a lengthy stretch behind bars if found guilty.”



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