Breaking: New Info on David Tomberlin Case as More Suppressed Reports Surface

August 14, 2018

Thanks to a fresh batch of Thai news stories that have surfaced in the David Tomberlin kidnapping and multiple “wives” scandal, we now have access to many more details of the case. Also several other American reporting outlets have finally begun to cover the story as well in the past 24 hours. Our sources confirm that screenshots captured of news pages posted below (in both English and Thai languages) ran both during and after the actual kidnapping incident occurred in Thailand – stories that Tomberlin had attempted to purge from the internet.

The original source links of these screenshots no longer exist, successfully pulled from the Web through threats of litigation or other means. Since the start of this blog, our own reposts of Tomberlin news videos have been removed several times via claims of “hate speech” to our server hosts. We are committed to repost the videos each time he or his representatives attempt to erase them to suppress the truth from his ministry followers.

What we now know: Who are Kate, Peter & the ‘Wives’?

Sources are now confirming that Tomberlin was not married to any of the women with whom he bore children in Thailand over the last few years. News reports also confirm that his current legal wife “Kate” (Kaet/Kesri/Kedsaree) was 20 at the time of her kidnapping arrest and their marriage (now 21), despite some reports claiming she was as old as 27.

Some had also questioned the validity of an earlier news report that had listed Tomberlin’s name as “Peter” for legal purposes (Tomberlin himself used this point to discount the validity of our blog’s reporting). However, in this latest cache of images, Thai Visa News confirms that “Peter” was an earlier name the agency used, but is actually David Tomberlin (see below).

The reports also show that two of the three kidnapped children were age 6 at the time – meaning Tomberlin clearly produced two of the youngsters at the same time with two different women.

All of the latest batch of screenshots are below. This story is now being picked up by several other English speaking blogs and online ministries. Only now is Tomberlin reporting to have lost ministry invites, as most American churches were unaware of these events from last year until now.