Report: Mothers of Tomberlin’s Children Claim Lifestyle of Debauchery

August 18, 2018

A group of Christian observers who have followed the David Tomberlin scandal since the kidnapping incident in May, 2017 have submitted a summary report from a blog purportedly authored with his former lovers, the mothers of his children born in Thailand. The blog, formerly hosted at was believed to have been taken down following pressure from the minister under threat of financial repercussions. We are running their full statement below:

“In May of 2017 a blog was put up online by a friend of one of the mothers of David Tomberlin’s children in what she deemed an effort to bring to light the truth about DT.  Their primary reason was they were concerned that, in their words, ‘DT was destroying the Gospel in Thailand.’  The reports and pictures in this multi-page blog were directly from the mothers of DT’s children with different women in Thailand, therefore these women all collaborated. The evidence being direct from the mother’s stock of photos and screenshots of texts between themselves and David.  They tried to expose his lies and lifestyle to his followers more than a year ago.


This blog and its contents was online for only about 30 days’ time while DT worked out the legal issues (hiring a lawyer to squash the reports and warrant) while DT was overseas between the time of the police arresting Kaet and his return to Thailand about a month after the kids were returned to their mothers.  Many people, including pastors saw this blog with what appears to be incontrovertible evidence.  In this blog there were several pictures of DT at home where he lived with all the 3 kids and the two mothers.  These two mothers of DT’s children also claimed other women lived there at times with David.  Pictures showed him sleeping in bed with all 3 kids, him in the yard with the kids, him in the house with the mothers, etc.  There were also allegations of drunkenness and prostitution, so much so that the mother of his son finally could not take it and left him in 2015.


The blog also chronicled numerous texts between DT and the mothers during the time he kept the children for 3 months.  Some of these texts show DT calling them vile names and what appears to be attempts to bully them.  The mother of his two daughters was begging to see her children (as you saw a small portion of that on this website).  He threatened one of the mothers of his children with jail if she would not sign papers giving him custody.  He taunted her by saying the children would have no mother because she would be in jail.  He disparaged them by saying they were poor and uneducated.  He used graphic sexual terms and accusations against them. Language that is not in alignment with the message he preaches publicly. The same mother of his two children who he called a ‘whore’ claimed she only turned to that to make money to live, since David left her and the two children in late 2016 to go live with his then girlfriend whom he now is married to.  They also claimed DT started ‘dating’ his current legal wife when she was 18 and DT was living with 4 other women.  (See screenshots of this blog on google search after he had it taken down called ‘’ where it still shows snippets of text from the site including that his then girlfriend Sah (Kaet) as they called her in Thai, was 18 when they started ‘dating.’

There was also a recent text message shown in which  DT was talking to a different Vietnamese girlfriend who could not wait to see her ‘true love’ soon and DT replied he was ‘so excited.’  There were also pictures of DT cozying up to yet another Asian girlfriend.  This website is no longer operating because within a few days of DT finally returning to Thailand from overseas a month after the police found the kids, he shut it down.  One can only imagine how this suddenly occurred; either threats or lawyer.  These are monetarily poor women who did not have the resources to fight against him.  The women also claimed on this blog that DT treated them like slaves.

There were Facebook message texts to DT’s family from one of the mothers begging for help to get her children back and his family had no idea until this point that DT had other children all these years. One of David’s family members told the mother he had no control over what David did.  The mothers said that David forbid them to post any pictures of the 3 kids on social media.  The direct testimony on this site said he was never married to either of the mothers of his children in Thailand, indicated children out of wedlock; another contradiction of what David preaches publicly.  David essentially has gone to social media to claim these facts are not true too and nothing valid exists on the internet.  However, the screenshots with the indicates otherwise.  This website was not vindictive or mean but laid out documentary evidence out of concern for all his followers that were being duped and for the sake of the gospel.  Screenshots were not taken by this group of witnesses since the site was removed so abruptly but someone probably has them – ultimately God knows the truth.

Some have it on good authority that David has been confronted privately in the Matthew 18 Biblical manner by several Godly pastors/leaders last year; e.g. regarding the multiple women and taking the children as reported in the newspapers, internet and TV reports.  DT refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing and responded that he was being attacked because he preaches the Gospel. Now that this information has become public it is hoped that his followers will not stay deceived by him.  In addition, in hopes for DT’s personal redemption to his relationship to Jesus, to the truth, to the body of Christ and the Biblical standard he has preached and taught.”

More Reports Recently Discovered in Online Thai Publications

Our research team has recently unearthed  more online Thai publications about the scandal in the past day. We are posting screenshots below, as  the website links mysteriously “disappear” as soon as we post them.



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