Testimonies of Further Abuse in David Tomberlin’s Ministry

August 7, 2018

Following the revelation that preacher David Tomberlin has covered up years of multiple “wives” in Thailand, along with the arrest of his youngest “bride” and a warrant for him in connection with kidnapping his own children and fleeing the country, further evidence has also surfaced of regularly frequenting prostitutes (along with stories of an earlier divorce and affair with a married worship leader). All this while keeping quiet and continuing public ministry unchecked, Now, many are coming out to testify of regular abuse and bullying (primarily against women) within the bounds of his revival ministry. This is a developing story, with more testimonies coming in daily. We are also hearing reports of multiple leaders in his network being aware of Tomberlin’s indiscretions, while staying mum on the subject – allowing continued abuse to go unchallenged. We have gathered a few testimonies of individuals below. We have changed the names of our sources to protect their identity.


His ex-wife is from Hong Kong. I met him the first time years ago here. Some mutual friends tried to connect us. I met with him briefly. I had heard of him before and his bad reputation had preceded him, long before his Lakeland years. In my meeting with him he was courteous enough, and found out at the time he regularly visited Hong Kong to visit his kids from his first marriage, so I thought he might have changed. Then about a year later he had a falling out with mutual friends much like many of the other people’s stories above and he deleted me from FB (not sure why besides my connection to my friends). These friends then shared these stories. At first I thought they were fake, but then I came across more stories (there used to be a host of material online about it). At one time there was even YouTube videos of the news reports in Thai. I personally believe the news stories. My heart is saddened because I know of God’s great love for him, but equally it is saddened because I see how he has consistently been abusive to the Body of Christ and his character is non existent. I hope this article will help people be able to stand up to him and hopefully his heart will actually return to repentance.


He personally told me that he wants to scour the internet of this link and related news articles.
I want to add that I have had the same type of interaction with David Tomberlin. In June, he called me an “angry Feminazi with a Jezebel spirit” on a friend’s post. He wanted me to back down and block him. I stood up to his bullying and refused to let him intimidate me. At that time, I posted an article to a Thailand source with info very similar to what Jared has posted … A few hours later, he deleted the entire post. Still later, the article was scrubbed from Google.


The guy legit made fun of me because my dad died. It’s funny that the guy goes on about people having spirits the guy seems like he’s packing demons himself! SMH


This guy harassed me badly on Facebook – called me a bunch of terrible derogatory things!!! No way!!! I thought he was bogus from the moment I met him in South Africa …. he visited a church there… Glad he’s been found out! … I had to block him because he spent 6 hours harassing and bullying me on Facebook


OK here it goes. I met David and Alice Tomberlin in Lakeland in 2008, and we kept in touch here and there with a surfacy friendship for the years following. From the moment I met him I felt something was off but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Within a few years, I heard some things that I was not sure were true, so I again just ignored. A few years after that, it became quite apparent to me that him and his first wife were no longer together however there had been no public disclosure concerning it. There were a few pastors that were having him and I mentioned to them that he was no longer married, to which they responded “oh yes he is. He hasn’t gotten divorced, he told me himself.” I began to suspect that he was lying to the pastors having him in, but again it was not my place so I remained friends with him. It finally was made public that he was visiting his two children in Hong Kong often where his first wife was from, as she had moved back. When I would ask him questions concerning where he currently lived or was based out of, what ministries he worked with etc. he would always beat around the bush and would not answer my questions.

About three years ago when my son was in the height of the cancer battle and we were going through a horrible trial … I reached out to him and and few other minister friends of mine for counsel.

Me and my wife were trying to keep our family together and our heads on our shoulders, the stress of our son having cancer … was too much at the time for us to bear. We both needed godly counsel, but there was never any type of sin or unfaithfulness – only mental breakdown.

Shortly after, we made all of those things public to the world. During this time, things concerning David‘s actions in Asia began to come to my attention from different sources. I honestly did not want to believe them, but as evidence was compiled, I knew. News reports were released all over Thailand, and he did his best to scrub all of it with legal action at least from English sites. I know this because someone on our staff was attacked by him, and sent him one of the articles to which he responded with threatening legal action. I do know now that these things are true. This has been a massive scandal in Thailand, and he has been working undercover very hard to get all of his hidden children and his new wife a green card to the United States.

I have many pastor friends that love him, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but David has covered his tracks very well. I also did not decide to say anything until he began insulting me, my friends and my wife. When he did so, I went to him personally and gave him a chance to come clean and let him know I was there to talk about it. He denied everything, and threatened to release a private message from me 3 years ago reaching out to him for help. He threatened to tell the whole world that I had some type of hidden marriage problems which was absolutely untrue. I was in a tough place, and needed friends. Should I mention that his advice was to “cut my wife loose”? Yes, that was it. No biblical basis to do such a thing, either.

If he was hiding nothing, why would he threaten me for no reason?
Since then, he cut off contact and blocked me. He realized that I knew everything, as many people now do


David Tomberlin Addresses This Blog: Lashes Out, Avoids Big Questions

August 12, 2018

David Tomberlin launched a verbal tirade against a Sofia Serrano on Facebook today, an advocate who had posted our blog in several awareness forums. In the three-hour exchange initiated by Tomberlin, he repeatedly referred to her as a “whore, Jezebel, demonic” and other denigrating terms, posting memes comparing her physical appearance to “The Count” from Sesame Street and constantly ridiculing the appearance of her “caterpillar” eyebrows. Tomberlin has a known history of misogynistic comments.

Serrano, however unfazed, asked direct informational questions about his multiple “wives” in Thailand, offering to set the record straight with our blog team if Tomberlin wanted to address details of the scandal.

She repeatedly asked the following:

-How many total times have you been married?

-If you had biblical reasons for divorce each time, what were those reasons?

-Were you legally married to each of the “wives” by which you had children?

-How do you explain your children being born within such quick succession?

Offering no response to these simple questions, Tomberlin repeatedly insisted the blog was fabricated and the news stories/police reports photoshopped. Tomberlin claimed he answered these questions in his second “defense” rebuttal video (posted Aug. 11). However this was not true. To date, he has refused to publicly mention the nature of his relationship to any of the Thai women with whom he has children. His most recent rebuttal video primarily consisted of demonizing other ministers who have held him to account: outlandishly claiming they are gay heretics or drug users.

While the comment thread is too extensive to post here, we have offered a few screenshots to summarize the flavor of the exchange:


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