Tomberlin Releases More ‘Explanation’ Videos, Avoids Topic of Thai ‘Wives’

August 15, 2018

David Tomberlin continues to defend himself against clear evidence he had several children simulaneously with multiple women in Thailand over the past few years, while still running a revival ministry. He also continues to downplay the kidnapping charges from 2017 as a mere “custody issue.”

In his latest video, posted today, he asserts a “smoking gun” to prove the mountain of police and news reports about him are “fake news” from the rumor mill, invented by those with a theological agenda against him. Tomberlin claimed that Sofia Serrano, a victim of his recent verbal tirades, is a fake persona invented by an online Hindu/Buddhist teacher. He also asserts Serrano is the author of this blog, saying the numerous reports we’ve listed cannot be trusted. Serrano has complained about regular abusive behavior from Tomberlin. Though Tomberlin’s claims sound outlandish, many viewers say he is grasping at straws.

A Note from Our Team:

On this blog, we keep our sources and contributors anonymous. If you have information pertaining to this case, please feel safe to contact us. If contributors choose to hide their identity in any way, it is because more than one source has reported Tomberlin’s history of personal attacks and threats of litigation. We can confirm, however, that this site is a collective of volunteer researchers – not one individual. And most of our contributors have known about the Tomberlin case for many months. We will continue to stand for truth and accountability in ministry. All of our news articles were directly sourced by our team.

The Insufficiency of Tomberlin’s Responses

In his latest video, like the others, Tomberlin continues to sidestep the main facts. The important questions are:

-How many total times have you been married?

-If you had biblical reasons for divorce each time, what were those reasons?

-Were you legally married to each of the “wives” by which you had children?

-How do you explain your children being born within such quick succession?

Our sources have confirmed that Tomberlin was not married to any of the women in Thailand with whom he had children. On his “defense” videos, he usually touches only upon a distant divorce from his past – which he has previously addressed with followers (likely referring to his former wife Alice). In his latest video, Tomberlin rightly claims he was “never arrested,” nor spent any jail time in Thailand. But as news reports show on our site, the fact is an “arrest warrant” was issued – however Tomberlin was not apprehended as he fled to Vietnam (he was never caught and jailed). His now wife, Kate, was the one actually arrested on kidnapping charges (which Tomberlin now tentatively admits in the video).

With his flock, Tomberlin continues to avoid talking about the revolving door of multiple sexual relationships and children scattered throughout Thailand. Instead, the bulk of his discourse is spent on demonizing his “attackers” and asserting a persecution complex.



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